Market Shopping Destination

Market – Online shopping destination our flag ship product, design to build on
line store for products and services who are willing to make a web presence
with new or existing businesses. The product quite resemble to the most
popular, flipcart and snapdeal. We are planing to deploy this product
as a software as service with customer’s domain name. The product price will
based on subscription. Check out sales forecast section for the pricing plan.
Below are the some features of the product.

Product categories with unlimited depth

Product with variance (color, size, etc…)

Multiple payment gateways

Multiple delivery methods

Sales insights

Point of Sale

Our Point of Sale system is hardware independant can be run on any low-end
computer system giving us a competitive advantage over the competitors whose
systems are needed most advanced computers. Our product is easy to use and
very simple in nature. It can be used as touch system or convenient keyboard
based system. Some of the features of the application are,

Touch or keyboard

Either keyboard or touch, what you prefer you can use it.

Product with variance

Can create products with multiple variances such as color, size and etc.

Sale & Purchase

Get sale, purchase and inventory insights and make smooth run

Inventory Conroller

Sophisticated inventory management in POS first time ever.

User Roles Management

Each user with special rights and privileges. Make task easier.

Tuition Class Management System

Tuition class management system is one of latest innovation, no one has ever
tried to enter this market. Our solution is very simple and it will provide a way
for the tuition class owner to get rid of all the paper works and start digital
approach. The system is capable of registering students and collect payment
and keep track of the attendance. The solution is ideal for small size (20-30
students) classes. Some of the feature of the system,

Student registration

Payment collection


RFID card integration

Student profile with photo

On-line and Mock Exams Platform

Our on line exam platform is specially targeted for a small scale tuition classes
where they can conduct mock exams and their final exams via our platform.
The application can be hosted on premises or cloud. Our system is quite
resemble to website but we skipped lessons and learning materials. The
system can be further extended to have learning material such as on line video

Web based system

No server requirement

User roles

Multiple types of questions

Multiple language support