Robotics & IoT

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Grab the opportunity and make yourself ready for the future

Things you need for the workshop

  • A laptop
  • 3 hours per a week
  • Ambition to learn new things
  • Willingness to take any challenge

Fully AC lecture hall only 24 seats are available.


The robotics and IoT are the next generate of the computers. Learning those skills not only improve the knowledge, it will guarantee to be a part of future work force. All classical professions are becoming obsolete and giving space to breed new professions Robotics and IoT are the latest breed of highly demanding profession in future.

What are we going to give you?

In these 12 week workshops we are going to give you hands full of experience in Robotics and IoT. Along with comprehensive background knowledge, what is going on silicon, and basic theories of all the components we use in the workshops.

Also you will have your own gadget kit worth 7,500/- once you’ve registered with us.

Course syllabus in nutshell

We start as usual introduction to Robotic and IoT then move along to get our hands dirty with gadget kit. With the gadget kit you will learn how to identify each component and how to wire the components with each other. Arduino Uno is the brain of all the activities. Why Arduino? let’s find out join the workshop.

When time progresses you will learn all the component anatomy, purpose and how to incorporate each component in varies projects ( here we encourage students to make their own creativity and innovation). Once the students are confidence with the gadget kit we ask them to build the robot car. We are put all the sensors and actuator to make this toy car to be autonomous shelf driving. So end of the workshop the students will be able to make their own shelf driven car.

What are the things in the Gadget KIT?

That will be a surprise !!!

7,500/- worth gadget kit for all the students

Course contents summary

  • Introduction to Robotics & IoT
  • MCU
  • Arduino
  • Environmental sensors
  • Actuators
  • Time to flight
  • H-bridge motor controller
  • Batteries
  • Basic electronics
  • Photo electronics
  • Amplifiers
  • Comparator
  • Pyro
  • Servo
  • Gear motors

About the lecturer

Chamal Ayesh Wickramayaka (BIT first class, dip in Network Administration, dip in Electronics) is having more than 15+ years experience in industry. He has been working software engineer for last 15 years for international and local firms. Having envision of technology and seize the opportunity he chose to follow the path of the robotics, industrial automation and iot. Strong ambition with goal oriented, tech enthusiast and hobbyist he archived All island SLT IoT competition championship in 2018 by innovating a disaster mitigation warning system.