Innovation makes a better world,
so keep innovating...

Dawn of the Digital Era

New millennium is used to said dawn of digital era. But for us after 20 years it is still not true. Most of our businesses are yet to use IT. The biggest problem is IT awareness of our people. Our mission is to educate them and train them to use new technology.

Internet of Things

50 billion smart devices in 2020. The next thing after mobile phone. We have highly skilled developers to make your project into a reality. To prove our ability to see our latest embedded product portfolio. Arduino, ESP, Pi, Digi, SparkFun.

ML & Deep Learning

Big data, data engineering, data science, ML and deep learning are buzz words around the global. We are trying to build models to cater Sri Lankan businesses. Our solutions are very economical. Python, Pandas, sklearn, pyTorch, TensorFlow and Keras.