About Us

Our mission is to provide a low-cost and quality software products and services to local businesses. Being a local business that knows how our
economy, culture and life-style of our consumers, we not only provide software solution to our customers – we educate them. Proactive Ants was
founded in 2014 by Chamal Wickramanayaka. Our products are e-commerce web application, point of sale, tuition class management system and online exam platform that serve the population of the small and start-up businesses in Mahawewa and beyond. We are a registered entity under North Western Province.

Founder of Proactive Ants

Founder of Proactive Ants have years of experience in software engineering , project management, completing software development
project with time and budget and running successful businesses, overcoming difficult obstacle and advocating for the software products
and services. Chamal have 9 years of industrial (local and foreign) experience. Which is software development in desktop, web, mobile and IoT.