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Digi, the world largest IoT device manufacturer who recently released their new radio module XBee3 LTE-M. Enabling us to use narrow-band and ultra low power consumption radio module. Along with the product release they nnounced a world wide competion to build IoT project help of DIGI XBee3 with help of All About Circuits and Mouser Electronics.

I was able to participate on the competition and selected for final 10. As result of selected final ten I was able to get a new Digi International XBee3™ Cellular LTE-M Development Kit from Mouser Electronics. I would like to really grateful for them for selected me for final ten.

So, I am doing my final project to compete other candidates. Here I paste my project page for who wants to get idea about DIGI echo system.


I have created a video to help you understand how the DIGI XBee3 works with Arduino compatible sensors. This is the first of upcoming sequential videos. Hope you like it. Please subscribe if you like it.